Suba’s Mumbai

Suba. Greg and I spent a day with you yesterday. And, thank you!  With so much to say, so many details, a fascinating narrative, you brought Mumbai to life!

Elephanta Island: Shiva Temple

A one-hour ferry trip to get there
Mumbai, harbour mega-city. 20.7 million people. Fourth largest in the world. Calm from the water.

Once arrived, we took a small train, followed the path up the hill and after a tourist moment…

Entrance to Shiva Temple, Elephanta Island, Mumbai.

…Suba, you started.

Stories of Shiva!
Shiva, as Ardhanarishvara. Androgenous form: perfect balance of male and female energy.
Shiva/Ardhanarishvara. Androgenous form: perfect balance of male and female energy.
On the return trip we had a great view of the Taj Palace Hotel and the Gateway to India. Arriving from England? You would have passed by here.

Next stop: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. Another Raj leftover. We’d watched BBC’s Bombay Railway documentary on Netflix. A big surprise: seeing it for ourselves was thrilling!

A bit of the outside…
…and a bit of the inside.

Millions of commuters use the local train services in Mumbai EACH DAY!  We saw the main station on Saturday, off peak.

We saw local markets, a garden built on a millions-of-litres cistern, the steps toward a sky-burial tower (with no vultures in the city, focused solar panels do the work these days), and more.

Our final good bye to Suba was at the last stop, a laundry. An image of hard work and hope, we saw men labouring over hotel linens while their children arrived home from school.

Dhobi Ghat. An outdoor laundry. The all-male workers are the Dhobis.

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